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Actively manage your own digital asset brokerage account and monitor its status 24/7 365 days a year.

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Manage your account independently, but at any time you can ask our digital asset broker for help or advice by email or online.

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Find the crypto data you need – whether you’re looking to trade on a new exchange, or invest in another cryptocurrency.

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Understanding and managing your own finances can be challenging. It’s important to understand the concepts and use the right tools to save for your first home, get out of debt, and start investing. Learn to make your own annual budget, plan your finances and learn how to make financial decisions.

Portfolio PROTECT

  • Stability
  • Continued moderate value growth
  • Possible shorter investment period (min term 2 years)

Portfolio EXPERT

  • Dynamism
  • Larger value oscillations
  • Greater growth potential in the long term (min. term 2 years)

meet our team

The FIMA Crypto Team

Milan Horvat

FIMA Crypto Varazdin

Filip Hohnjec

Digital Asset Broker
FIMA Crypto Varazdin

Nikola Fajfarić

Digital Asset Broker
FIMA Crypto Varazdin

Tomislav Kamenečki

Crypto, DeFi & Fintech Analyst
FIMA Crypto Varazdin

David Zajec

Crypto Research Analyst
FIMA Crypto Varaždin

Jernej Vrčko

FIMA Crypto Ljubljana

Denis Bornšek

Digital Asset Broker
FIMA Crypto Ljubljana

Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

# Currency € Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. 24h Volume C. Supply
1 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Bitcoin btc € 53414.00 1043.09 21M 1.1T 19.5B 19.7M
2 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Ethereum eth € 2883.74 69.56 120.2M 347.2B 9.5B 120.2M
3 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Tether usdt € 0.92 -0.0023472967684821 112.4B 103B 31.1B 112.4B
4 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image BNB bnb € 491.78 13.75 153.9M 75.8B 597.3M 153.9M
5 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Solana sol € 128.08 4.01 580M 59.5B 1.7B 464M
6 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image USDC usdc € 0.92 -0.0024601941326824 33.9B 31B 5B 33.9B
7 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Lido Staked Ether steth € 2884.79 69.65 9.7M 28B 32.9M 9.7M
8 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image XRP xrp € 0.47 0.04382548 100B 26.4B 1.9B 55.8B
9 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Toncoin ton € 6.72 0.01734337 5.1B 16.9B 218.8M 2.5B
10 bdt-ep-crypto-table-image Dogecoin doge € 0.10 0.00298336 145.1B 14.6B 403.8M 145.1B


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